How to Find Housing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Finding Housing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico There is plenty of short term or long term housing here in Playa del Carmen. Here's how we found our place. Questions? email me and I'll cover it in a video : IG: @jazzziebynature Snapchat: @jazzziebynature FB: Jazzzie by Nature
Jazzie Moore
21 Facts about Me

20. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

19. I met my husband on Instagram. 

18. I'm a true Gemini. Sun, Moon & Rising. Born 5/30 at 5:30am

17. Tyra Banks once told  me I would always look youthful because I have "baby teeth"

16.  My favorite beverage is water with a hint of lime. 

15. I was the baby until I was 12, then came my little brother. There's four of us 

14.  From 18-21 my goal was to become a reality star. I tried out for Real World, Bad Girls Club and went on the Tyra Banks show. After seeing how they edited my story I was totally turned off from reality TV and a part of me died.

13. I haven't seen most popular movies, I hardly watch movies, they are an emotional rollercoaster for me. 

12. I will never move to a city that snows again. Faced two blizzards in Philly the week that I moved there. my motto is " If there's snow, I won't go!"  

11. I get cold easily and I think A/C makes it too cold. 

10. I crave solitude daily. I must spend time alone to recharge.  

9. People describe me as a social butterfly but I'm actually quite awkward in social setting. I prefer one on one engagement rather than crowds.  

8. I love people who create, I'm fascinated by artist.  

7. I'm an empath & sometimes I wish I wasn't.  

6. I rather listen to music than watch TV. 

5. I cry very easily. But tougher than most. 

4. I believe in magic & miracles

3. I see the bright side to everything. 

2. I used to win things on the radio often.  

1.  I don't drink soda of any kind.  

0. I'm very sensitive to noises& hate buzzing mosquitos the most.   

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Killing Your Inner Hater Bish
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Jazzie Moore