21 Facts about Me

20. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

19. I met my husband on Instagram. 

18. I'm a true Gemini. Sun, Moon & Rising. Born 5/30 at 5:30am

17. Tyra Banks once told  me I would always look youthful because I have "baby teeth"

16.  My favorite beverage is water with a hint of lime. 

15. I was the baby until I was 12, then came my little brother. There's four of us 

14.  From 18-21 my goal was to become a reality star. I tried out for Real World, Bad Girls Club and went on the Tyra Banks show. After seeing how they edited my story I was totally turned off from reality TV and a part of me died.

13. I haven't seen most popular movies, I hardly watch movies, they are an emotional rollercoaster for me. 

12. I will never move to a city that snows again. Faced two blizzards in Philly the week that I moved there. my motto is " If there's snow, I won't go!"  

11. I get cold easily and I think A/C makes it too cold. 

10. I crave solitude daily. I must spend time alone to recharge.  

9. People describe me as a social butterfly but I'm actually quite awkward in social setting. I prefer one on one engagement rather than crowds.  

8. I love people who create, I'm fascinated by artist.  

7. I'm an empath & sometimes I wish I wasn't.  

6. I rather listen to music than watch TV. 

5. I cry very easily. But tougher than most. 

4. I believe in magic & miracles

3. I see the bright side to everything. 

2. I used to win things on the radio often.  

1.  I don't drink soda of any kind.  

0. I'm very sensitive to noises& hate buzzing mosquitos the most.