8 Ways to Reclaim Your Peace

We have power over our peace, but too many of us relinquish our peace to outside sources. I grew up in complete chaos, and for most of my life I had no idea what peace was or how to achieve it. So I lived a life full of drama. It wasn't until I started doing my inner work, that I started to obtain peace, now you can't even have piece of my peace. I keep my peace in the following ways. 

1. Dissolve Negative Thoughts

I killed my inner hater bish by practicing affirmations, releasing  anything else that no longer serves me.  Kill the negative self talk, replace each negative thought with a positive one, when a negative thought comes to mind say " thank you, but I don't need you." But honor your feelings. 


As the sun shines on all of my gloryMy flaws don't look so bad at allWhat was I so afraid of- (3).png


2. Be Present

The only reality is now. The best time of our lives is in the present moment, not in the future and not in the past. We restore inner balance when we live in the now. Not being present causes most of our anxiety. 

3. Set Clear Boundaries

Learn to say no, or even hell nah when you don't want to say yes. Don't be afraid to speak up. Stop allowing people to walk all over you. So many times we want to please everyone that we aren't pleasing ourselves, then we get upset when others don't do the same for us. Remember, we teach people how to treat us. 

4. Release Toxic People, Places or Things. 

The easiest way to destroy your peace is to remain in toxic relationships, whether it's a lover that cheats, disrespects you or a friend that doesn't respect your boundaries. Many times we hold on to people for far too long, thinking everyone is supposed to be in our lives forever. Some people are just in our lives for seasons and reasons. Each and every time I removed someone toxic from my life, my life improved in huge ways. Don't fear being alone, fear being around toxic people who don't add value to your life. You can't worry about whether this will hurt the other person's feeling, especially if they hurt you. 

5. Stop being petty! 

As the sun shines on all of my gloryMy flaws don't look so bad at allWhat was I so afraid of- (4).png

Choose peace over pettiness.  I know that the internet glorifies pettiness but what you put out into the universe comes back to you. If you are messy you will have a life of mess, if you are peaceful you will have a life of peace. Our vibe attracts our tribe. 

6. Drink Tea instead of Spilling the Tea

Gossip steals your peace, talking about what others are doing takes time from you living your best life. Peaceful people don't gossip. And herbal teas are very beneficial, calming, relaxing, and good for the soul. 

7. Hit that unfollow button. 

It's there for a reason, how many times have you gotten bothered by someone's post on social media? If someone online energy bothers you, unfollow them. I do it all the time. When people are constantly posting negative things, fights, violence, drama, pettiness,  I unfollow them.  It's not rude, it's good for your well being. 

8. Be true to You!

There's no future in fronting. Live fully and freely. Speak your truth, live your truth. Don't be afraid to live your life on your terms and no one has to agree with it! ( As long as you aren't causing harm to others obviously.) Some people have allowed life to just happen to them, so they end up in circumstances that don't allow them to live fully and freely so they wish this upon others. Do what's best for you, and not what others think is best for you. 


HOW DO YOU RECLAIM or PROTECT YOUR PEACE? Comment below, let's chat.