22 Emotional Benefits of Meditation

Can I be frank?  Meditation has kept me from beating people's ass and out of jail.  I was always one of those people who would "pop off" over almost anything.


I once slapped a co-worker for eating the crust of my cheesecake, got out the car at a red light and attempted to fight a woman with her infant in the backseat who cut me off,  egged a Whataburger employee for overcharging me for taquitos, and threw chicken nuggets on the manager at Wendy's. I even got into a fight at my girlfriend's wedding. I was absolutely nuts!  The problem was I always felt my actions were justified. There were times when my actions even landed me in jail. But it wasn't until I was I found myself on probation for 5 years for unrelated charges that I realized I needed to get my life! Something had to change and that something was me. I had to get to the root of the problem, and I realized I was just a product of my environment. Growing up I witnessed my mom, jumped over the counter and choke a man at a clothing store and molly wop a lady in her own home, amongst other things.  My father was also abusive to myself and my mother. So I just thought violence was the answer until I did my inner work and realized I had a lot of healing to do. Who was I really angry at?  Was it the people in traffic? Or was it my parents? Once I got to the bottom of this I was able to release this anger.  I started meditating and eventually saw a huge difference in how I reacted to conflict.

Meditation is a spiritual tool used for bringing balance to all aspects of life. Meditation enriches the spirtual, mental, physical and emotional bodies and is the portal to the essence of the universe. 

Here are the emotional benefits of meditation

 Jazz Mediating 

Jazz Mediating 


1. Controls anger

2. Promotes full perception

3. Increases sociable behavior

4. Eliminates worry

5. Builds tolerance

6. Encourages constructive confrontation

7. Promotes happiness

8. Helps with self-actualization

9. Helps with understanding others

10. Reduces emotional stress

11. Promotes forgiveness

12. Stabilizes emotional responses

13. Increases intimate contact

14. Eliminates aggression

15. Encourages responsibility

16. Increases composure

17. Develops emotional maturity 

18. Brings peace to purpose

19. Increases compassion

20. Eliminates depression

21. Eliminates despondency

22. Reserves sadness


Have you tried mediation? If so how has it changed your life?