Fitness Fridays - Benefits of Belly Dancing

Hey Glow Getters! 

Happy Friday! Did you workout today? I did!

I  tried a belly dancing class with my new friend, Sweet Pea. It was so much fun and an awesome way to exercise. No sure how many calories I burned today but it was definitely a full body workout & best of all I felt sexy while doing it. 

 Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

There are many benefits of belly dancing.

1. Helps you lose weight.  

Burning about 300 calories per hour. 

2. Eases PMS symptoms 

Belly dance can help in clearing up the congestion in the pelvic area and thus helps in decreasing the pre menstrual syndrome. (Lindia Lifestyle) 

3. Tones Muscle 

Gracefully works torso which helps in toning the muscle. 

 Mia-Belly Dancing Instructor

Mia-Belly Dancing Instructor

4. Lower Stress levels 

The music is very relaxing and helps to ease the mind.  


5.  Helpful In Back And Joint Pains

The movements of belly dance put the ligaments and the joints of the back and the hip in gentle but repetitive movements, which helps in increasing the flow of synovial fluid in these joints. This fluid helps in alleviating the back and joint pains.



6. It's Fun!! 

Exercise is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve optimal wellness. Exercise seems less daunting when you actually enjoy the activity. I left the class thinking, " wait until I show my hubby what I learned in class today. Ooooohhh." 

What's your favorite exercise to do?  Let me know in comments. 


You Glow Girl!