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After childhood, our lives are in our hands. 

"I create me! Life isn't happening it's responding to us. "


"I create me! Life isn't happening it's responding to us. " For many years I walked around with the " This is just who I am, deal with it." mentality, and it brought about lots of trouble in my life. Born into a toxic environment of drugs and abuse, I was exposed to many things that negatively affected my outlook on life. I ran from my issues instead of facing them. And they kicked my ass until I dealt with them.

In 2013, I stopped drinking after demoralizing myself at my friend's wedding. There were apparently some photos of me topless at the While in AA I learned about self-inventory. I also remember hearing all about se

lf-inventory from my mother who is also in the program. 

 We have the power to direct our lives in the direction we want to go.

For many years I lived a life of destruction. Alcohol abuse, getting arrested, actually serving time, and other reckless behavior. I realized that life was not happening to me, but it was responding to me. I created all the chaos in my life. Regardless of what happened in my childhood, I was an adult now, and I was responsible for all my actions. 

Eventually I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I decided that I would make wiser choices. 



 hasn't always been about optimal wellness for me. I was born into a very toxic environment of drugs and abuse, but I did not allow this to define me. After years of self destruction due to not dealing me with my internal issuers I decided to live a life of purpose.  I started my healing work, practiced self- love andself healing.

While it definitely didn't take over night, I started to change. Slowly but surely. I continued to do self inventory on myself.  

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“When we keep it real, we began to heal”

— Jazzie Moore

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Calm your body and mind. Congue dolor vene natis et tinci dunt dolores.

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Photo by inaquim/iStock / Getty Images
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