1-on-1 Initial Consultation 


.99 cents a min  


I’ll work with you to set a goal that is obtainable and reasonable for your long-term success. After our initial consultation, we’ll work together to explore holistic methods and gradual changes you could make to help improve how you feel.

I’ll teach you how to bring balance back to your body, mind, soul, and emotions using whole, fresh foods, nutritional supplements, herbs, and stress-reducing activities. You’ll learn about optimal nutrition and what foods are essential for your overall health and well-being and what foods you should avoid and why.

To get started, we’ll schedule an initial wellness evaluation appointment. From there, depending on your needs and goals, I offer individual follow-up sessions or multi-session packages.


7-Day Detox


Deluxe Detox



7 day cleanse of the colon, kidney, liver and spleen using 100% natural herbs. Includes 30 day supply of herbs, shopping list, meal plan, & recipes. Included 30 min consultation. 

7 day cleanse of the colon, kidney, liver and spleen using 100 % natural herbs. Deluxe detox cleanses the blood, removes mucus and worms. Also includes a multi- nutrient. Includes 30 day supply of herbs, shopping list, meal plan, & recipes. & 30 min consultation. 


Diet Assessment & Customized Meal Plans




In this customized nutrition package, you'll get:

  • Initial 6O-minute coaching call - to get ALL the details about your nutrition, eating habits and behaviors; set clear goals & objectives for your transformation; and set realistic expectations about the process and results
  • Follow-up 6O-minute coaching all - to review your detailed nutrition assessment; give you your Customized Meal Plan, recipes, & done-for-you shopping list; and review the bi-weekly tracking forms 
  • Follow-up 3O-minute coaching call - to review what's going well, address concerns or questions, create strategies for common challenges like holidays/travel, and to keep you accountable so you can see RESULTS



Ongoing Nutrition Coaching Calls



(1) 30-min call : $40

(4) 30-min calls :$120 BEST VALUE SAVE $40


I want to make sure you succeed in getting to your end goal - and that's why Ongoing Coaching Calls help you stay the course. 
With ongoing coaching calls, you'll get:

  • New/modified recipes - so you can easily swap recipes and still stay on your "base" plan
  • Ongoing accountability - we'll challenge you to stick to your predetermined adherence goals
  • Natural supplement recommendations - where appropriate I can suggest safe & effective supplements to help you cover all your nutritional bases and help you boost your transformation efforts
  • Habit-changing exercises - simple & actionable exercises to break old nutritional habits that self-sabotage & keep you stuck
  • Trouble shooting sticking points - whether it's how to manage the upcoming holidays or busting through weight loss plateaus, I've got an arsenal of ways we can address these challenges!

1-on-1 Guided Grocery Call

Investment : $25 for up to 40 mins. 

I will assist you in making healthy choices while in the grocery store. 

  • Avoid foods marketed as healthy that really aren't healthy at all.
  • Learn hidden names for sugar
  • Learn how to properly navigate a grocery store
  • Learn how to properly read labels.